Get the power you need for sails, canvas, and heavy materials with the SEWPRO 266 extra-heavy-duty zig zag machine. Barrel shuttle-hook, reverse stitch, up to 346 thread.

SEWPRO 266: The Extra-Heavy-Duty Zig-Zag Machine for Demanding Projects

Are you struggling to sew through thick layers of canvas, sailcloth, vinyl, or webbing? The SEWPRO 266 is specifically designed to conquer these challenges. This extra-heavy-duty machine delivers the power and precision you need for professional-grade sailmaking, repairs, and the toughest industrial sewing projects.

Key Features That Set the SEWPRO 266 Apart:

  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of sewing heavy materials.
  • Powerful Zig-Zag and Lockstitch: Perfect for joining and reinforcing seams in demanding applications.
  • Barrel Shuttle-Hook: Ensures smooth, reliable stitch formation even with thick threads.
  • Reverse Stitch: Easily secure seams and prevent unraveling.
  • Impressive Capacity: Handles thread sizes from 138 to 346, and needles from 160 to 230 for maximum versatility.

Ideal Applications:

  • Sailmaking and sail repair
  • Canvas work (awnings, tents, covers)
  • Heavy-duty bags and luggage
  • Webbing and straps
  • Upholstery (especially marine or outdoor)

Invest in the SEWPRO 266 and experience the difference a truly heavy-duty sewing machine can make in your work!


Zig-zag sewing machine

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Canvas, Heavy-duty bags and luggage, Sails, Upholstery, Webbing and straps


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