SEWPRO 1342- 7

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Upgrade your sewing with the SEWPRO 1342-7. This industrial cylinder-bed machine tackles leather, bags, shoes, and more, with a thread under-trimmer and easy adjustments for small tubular items.

SEWPRO 1342-7: The Industrial Sewing Machine for Versatility and Precision

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile industrial sewing machine, the SEWPRO 1342-7 is an excellent choice. This cylinder-bed, unison-feed, lockstitch machine is designed to handle a wide range of materials, including heavy-duty fabrics like leather.

Key Features That Set the SEWPRO 1342-7 Apart

  • Cylinder-bed design: Perfect for sewing bags, shoes, pillows and other curved or tubular items.
  • Unison-feed: Ensures smooth, even stitching on thick or multiple layers.
  • Lockstitch: A strong and durable stitch for a variety of projects.
  • Thread under-trimmer: Simplifies the finishing process, saving time and effort.
  • Adjustable throat plate: Easily accommodates sewing small tubular items like wallets.

Ideal Applications

The SEWPRO 1342-7 excels in:

  • Leather goods manufacturing
  • Bag and luggage production
  • Shoemaking
  • Upholstery work
  • Sewing of sporting goods and other heavy-duty materials

Experience the SEWPRO Difference

Invest in the SEWPRO 1342-7 and experience increased productivity, precision stitching, and the ability to tackle demanding sewing projects with ease. Contact us today for pricing and to learn more about how this machine can transform your sewing capabilities.


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Boots, Canvas, Heavy-weight fabrics, Leather, Medium heavy-weight fabrics,, Upholstery, Vinyl

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