SEWPRO 205-420

Industrial sewing machine for heavy materials (leather, saddles, harnesses) with free arm for easy handling. Makes perfect stitches on thick threads thanks to large barrel shuttle and triple feed. Sew faster with high sewing speed (800 RPM) and long stitch length (up to 12mm).

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The Powerhouse for Heavy-Duty Sewing

If you demand quality and power for sewing heavy-weight materials, the SEWPRO 205-420 is the industrial sewing machine for you. This robust machine specializes in leather goods, saddles, harnesses, and technical textiles.

Key Features That Set the 205-420 Apart

  • Lockstitch and Barrel Shuttle: Ensures strong, durable, and consistent stitches, even with thick threads.
  • Free-Arm Design: Handles three-dimensional workpieces with ease.
  • Triple Feed: Consistent stitch lengths and tackles the toughest materials.
  • High Sewing Foot Stroke: Effortlessly works with multiple thick layers.
  • Large Bobbin Capacity: Extended sewing cycles without frequent thread changes.

The SEPRO 205-420 is perfect if you need to:

  • Produce high-quality leather goods with precision
  • Create or repair saddles and harnesses
  • Sew technical textiles with heavy threads or webbing.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Speed: 800 RPM
  • Max Stitch Length: 12 mm
  • Max Foot Lift: 22 mm
  • Needle System: 794
  • Thread Sizes: 138 – 415

Contact us to learn more about the SEWPRO 205-420 or arrange a demonstration and see this heavy-duty machine in action!


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Canvas, Harnesses, Medium heavy-weight fabrics,, Saddles, Technical textiles, Upholstery, Vinyl


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