Model 441-PRO

This heavy-duty, single-needle machine features a cylinder bed, compound needle feed, walking foot, and large shuttle hook for tackling thick materials and tubular items. Special harness feet allow for easy sewing near buckles and tight edges.

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Sew Extra Heavy Materials with Ease – Your Cylinder Bed Solution

Frustrated with conventional machines that can’t handle your toughest projects? Our cylinder-bed, 1-needle, compound needle feed, walking foot, lockstitch machine is your solution for extra heavy materials. Featuring a large shuttle hook and a spacious 16 ½ inch by 6 ¾ inch work area, it’s perfect for leather, harnesses, saddles, bio-plastic products, nylon webbing, luggage, and more.

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful Feeding: Sew the thickest materials without struggle.
  • Tubular Sewing: The cylinder-bed design excels at tubular products.
  • Special Harness Feet: Get closer to hardware for professional results.
  • Large Shuttle Hook: Increased thread capacity for fewer bobbin changes.
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 3/8 inch for decorative and functional stitching.


  • Cylinder diameter: 3 ¼ inch
  • Working Space: 16 ½ inches long by 6 ¾ inches high
  • Maximum Speed: 800 RPM
  • Reverse Feed Stitching: Manual

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Cylinder Bed Machines

For e

Boots, Canvas, Leather, Medium heavy-weight fabrics,, Upholstery


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