SEWPRO 2153L30

Tackle tough materials with the SEWPRO 2153L30. This long arm, walking foot machine is perfect for leather, canvas, sails, and more.

SEWPRO 2153L30: The Powerhouse for Your Heavy-Duty Projects


If you’re struggling with sewing tough materials like leather, canvas, or vinyl, the SEWPRO 2153L30 is your solution. This industrial-grade sewing machine packs a punch with its long arm, walking foot, and powerful zig-zag stitching capability. Whether you’re an upholsterer, sailmaker, or a DIY enthusiast, the SEWPRO 2153L30 will take your projects to the next level.

Key Features:

  • 30″ Long Arm: Provides ample workspace for large and bulky projects.
  • Walking Foot: Ensures even feeding of thick, difficult fabrics.
  • Wide Zig-Zag Stitch: Perfect for both functional and decorative stitching.
  • Powerful Motor: Handles heavy-duty materials with ease.
  • Reverse Feed: Reinforce seams for added durability


  • Upholstery: Furniture, car interiors, boat covers
  • Outdoor Gear: Tarpaulins, tents, awnings
  • Leatherwork: Bags, belts, jackets
  • Sailmaking
  • And more!

Customer Testimonials (if available):

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Upgrade your sewing capabilities with the SEWPRO 2153L30. Order yours today and experience the power of heavy-duty sewing!


Zig-zag sewing machine

For e

Boots, Canvas, Heavy-weight fabrics, Leather, Sails, Tarpaulins


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