SEWPRO 204-104A

Powerful SEWPRO 204-104A sewing machine for sails, canvas, and more. Industrial-grade, heavy-duty performance.

SEWPRO 204-104A: The Extra Heavy-Duty Sewing Solution

If you work with sailcloth, neoprene, heavy canvas, or other demanding materials, the SEWPRO 204-104A is the sewing machine designed with your needs in mind. This extra heavy-duty powerhouse combines top and bottom feed with zig zag and lock stitch capabilities to provide unparalleled versatility and strength in your sewing projects.

Key Features

  • Top and Bottom Feed: Ensures smooth, consistent stitching on even the thickest, most challenging fabrics.
  • Zig Zag and Lock Stitch: Offers a wide range of seam finishes and decorative possibilities.
  • Barrel Shuttle Hook: A robust design for handling heavy threads and demanding workloads.
  • Reverse Stitch: Reinforce seams and easily backtrack for precision sewing.
  • Max Sewing Speed 800 SPM: Work efficiently, even on large-scale projects.
  • Max Stitch Length 10mm, Foot Lift 12mm: Accommodates bulky materials with ease.

Ideal Applications

  • Sail Making/Repair: Handle the rigors of sailcloth with confidence.
  • Neoprene Sewing: Create durable, watertight seams in wetsuits and other neoprene gear.
  • Heavy Canvas Projects: Tackle tents, awnings, and other outdoor fabrications.

The SEWPRO Advantage

Invest in the SEWPRO 204-104A and experience the difference a truly heavy-duty machine makes. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to professional-grade results on your most demanding sewing projects.

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Canvas, Neoprene, Sails


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