SEWPRO 8BL-30-2: Extra Heavy Duty 30″ Long Arm Lockstitch Machine for Canvas, Vinyl, Leather & More


SEWPRO 8BL-30-2, 30” long arm Extra Heavy Duty, Double Needle, Drop Feed, Needle Feed (Compound Feed), Alternating Presser Feet Lockstitch Machine.

With: Extra Large Bobbins and Vertical Axis Hooks, Centralized Arm Lubrication, Reverse Feed, Safety Clutch, Built-in Bobbin Winder, Front Handwheel.

Applications: Suitable for sewing extra heavyweight materials such as canvas, vinyl, leather, synthetics and various coated, laminated and rubberized fabrics.

Designed for stitching such products as tents, tarps, awnings, truck covers, mops, luggage, construction barriers, field covers, and heavy bulky products. Suitable for stitching double seams and lap seaming.

Maximum Speed 1200RPM Maximum Stitch Length 10mm Maximum Foot Lift 20mm Needle System 794, sizes 160-250 Thread Sizes 138-270 Distance from needle to machine arm 30


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