SEWPRO 1508L-18

SEWPRO 1508L-18: Single needle, long arm (18”), industrial-grade lockstitch machine for upholstery, leather, canvas & heavy materials.


Model name: SEWPRO 1508L-18

Recommended for: upholstery, leather, vinyl, canvas, awnings, tarps, tents.

Description: single needle, flat bed, walking foot, 18” long arm, unison-feed, lockstitch machine for heavy materials


  • Maximum Stitch Length: 9mm
  • Air Foot Lift 5/8” (requires compressed air)
  • Vertical-Axis Large Hook
  • Forward and Reverse Stitch
  • Needle System 135×17, Sizes: 110-180
  • Thread sizes: 46-138
  • Climbing device
  • Maximum Speed: 1800RPM (may vary upon material)


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