This industrial-grade sewing machine tackles tough jobs with ease. Triple feed ensures even feeding of thick materials like leather upholstery, car seats, and luggage. The large barrel shuttle handles thick threads for a strong, finished stitch.



  • Extra Heavy Duty, Post-bed, Double needle sewing machine, triple feed
  • Robust and reliable, provides a first-class stitch pattern
  • Large barrel shuttle sews thick threads without problems
  • Extra-long stitch length for sewing leather upholstery
  • Available in 10, 12 mm needle gauge
  • Sewing products: car upholstery, furniture, luggage
  • For best results, use braided thread

Max. Speed: 600spm Max. Foot lift: 20mm Max. Stitch length: 12mm Needles: 794, Sizes: 180-250 Thread sizes: 138- 415 Post Height: 140mm (5.5 in)


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