SEWPRO 1760L-18

Industrial Lockstitch Sewing Machine for Upholstery, Leather & Canvas



-Post bed, double needle, triple unison feed, large vertical axis rotary hooks and bobbin, reverse feed, safety clutch, lockstitch sewing machine

-Center guide feet for top-stitching on leather vinyl seats

-Available in 8, 10, 12 mm needle gauge

-For sewing medium to medium heavy-weight fabrics, leather, canvas, and vinyl.

-Sewing products: car upholstery, furniture, hand bags, luggage.


Max Speed: 1800spm

Max Foot lift: 14mm (pneumatic)

Max Stitch length: 9mm

Needles: 135×17, sizes 110-160

Thread Sizes: 46-138

Post Height: 7”

Large bobbin: pre-wound, size M

Power: 220V 750W PowerMax servo needle positioning motor

Climbing device

Reverse Stitch


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