SEWPRO 18365-17

SEWPRO 18365-17: Single needle industrial sewing machine for stitching medium-weight leather items like bags, boots, and luggage.


SEWPRO 18365-17 Extra high post bed, Single Needle, Needle Feed, Walking Foot, Alternating Presser Feet, Lockstitch Machine. The machine is designed for stitching medium heavy leathers, boot tops, luggage, hand bags. Suitable for edge stitching operations.

Maximum stitch length 6mm

Post Height: 17”

Max. speed: 1200 RPM

Foot lift: 16mm

Safety clutch prevents the hook from being damaged

Rotating Hook with G size bobbin

Thread sizes: 46-138

Needle: Schmetz 135 x 17, sizes: 110-140

Reverse stitching


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