Cut leather, vinyl, rubber, and more with precision and speed. The SEWPRO AK-20 strap cutting machine offers a 14″ cutting width, versatile material compatibility, and easy setup.

SEWPRO AK-20: The Powerful and Versatile Strap Cutting Machine

Upgrade your production capabilities with the SEWPRO AK-20 strap-cutting machine. This industrial-grade machine effortlessly cuts through leather, vinyl, rubber, cardboard, and other materials, delivering precise, multiple strips with every pass. Its 14″ cutting capacity and open-ended design accommodate even your widest projects.

Features & Benefits:

  • Versatile Material Cutting: Expand your project possibilities by cutting a wide range of materials with ease.
  • 14″ Cutting Width: Handle larger projects efficiently thanks to the generous cutting width.
  • Open-Ended Design: Enjoy the flexibility of cutting extra-wide materials without pre-cutting.
  • Up to 3/8″ Thickness: Cut through thicker materials with confidence.
  • Customizable Strip Widths: Included spacers provide a variety of strip width options for your projects.

What’s in the Box:

  • SEWPRO AK-20 strap-cutting machine
  • 10 x 20mm spacers
  • 10 x 10mm spacers
  • 12 x 3mm spacers
  • 12 x 2.5mm spacers
  • 12 x 2mm spacers
  • 8 x knives (80mm dia. x 40mm hole x 1mm width)
  • Other accessories (Specify any other included accessories)

Call to Action:

Ready to streamline your strap-cutting process? Order your SEWPRO AK-20 today and experience increased precision and production speed.


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