SEWPRO 0617D-7

This industrial sewing machine tackles tough jobs with ease. The SEWPRO 0617D-7 features a walking foot for perfect material handling, ideal for upholstery, boat canvas, and auto interiors.


-SEWPRO 0617D-7 walking-foot, single needle, lock stitch sewing machine

-Ideal for Sewing: boat canvas, upholstery, and auto upholstery

-Ergonomic set-up with direct drive needle-positioning servo motor, auto back-tack, auto foot lift, and auto tread trimmer

Maximum stitch length: 8mm

Maximum foot lift (auto): 16mm

Horizontal, large, rotating hook with M size bobbin

Thread sizes: 46-138

Needle: Schmetz 135 x 17, Sizes: 90-140

Power: 220V single phase, 750W direct drive needle-positioning motor


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