SEWPRO PSM-733-3020

Extra-Heavy Duty Programmable Sewing Machine for thick materials like webbing, straps, and slings. Large work area, high stitching speed, and programmable patterns make this ideal for industrial applications.


  • SEWPRO PSM-733-3020 300x200mm working space, extra-heavy-duty, programmable sewing machine
  • Ideal For: sewing multi-layer, heavy webbing; tie-down straps; lifting slings
  • Power: 220V single phase, 750W, main motor ratio 1:5
  • Pneumatic presser foot drive
  • Max speed: 500rpm (depends on material thickness and thread size)
  • Thread sizes: 138-415 (may use 8 cord, depending on material)
  • Hook: Super-large shuttle hook
  • Needle style: Schmetz 1000H, sizes 230-330
  • Max stitch length: 12mm
  • Thread trimmer: hot knife thread cutter (optional)
  • Device memory stores up to 120 patterns
  • Touch screen display/programmer

For e

Awnings, Extra-thick materials, Heavy-duty bags and luggage, Heavy-weight fabrics


Programmable Sewing Machines


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