SEWPRO 224E-6040

This industrial sewing control system features onboard programming through a user-friendly touch screen, ideal for efficient pattern creation and operation.

Dahao Control System with touch screen on board programming

Sewing Area: 600x400mm

Max. Sewing Speed: 2500rmp (when sewing stitch-length 3mm or less)

Stitch Length: 0.5-12.5 mm

Needle bar Stroke: 41.2 mm

Needle System: 135×17, sizes 90-140

Lift of Feeding Frame: 25 mm (air)

Jump foot Stroke: Standard 0-3.5 mm (Max 0-7.0 mm)

Memory of Patter Data: USB drive

Power: 750W direct drive servo motor

Power Supply: AC220-240V single phase

For e

Heavy-duty bags and luggage


Programmable Sewing Machines


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